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Mr. Lal Din founded TAJ INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION in 1950. In the beginning, the company main business was an automobile repair workshop. The business gradually changed from repairing automobiles to repairing and manufacturing steel furniture. The company's special product at the time was steel folding bed. Slowly, the company introduced more products of steel furniture and later added combination of steel and wood furniture. This wood-steel combination in furniture became very popular among the residential and business customers such as general offices and lodging industry such as hotels. Parallel to this, a new category of furniture called Medical furniture was introduced in 1960s to address the needs of health care institutions, such as hospitals and nursing homes.

In the late 1960's company also adventured into a steel spring making business. Modern machinery were imported from Europe and China to manufacture steel springs to be used in furniture, automobile, agricultural equipment and for military needs. A remarkable success in this new business led to the establishment of a new company called TAHA INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION.

TAJ INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION became very successful in the medical furniture business and it gradually shifted away from residential furniture. Presently, the primary business of TAJ INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION is in medical furniture. The company has products labeled as HANDICARE, which consists of portable manual wheel chairs, walkers and other hospital furniture. Our relentless effort towards introducing new improved products keeps us in the forefront of this business. The company's objective is to provide customers with a quality product at the lowest price with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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